Furnace Repairs St. Albert

Furnace Repairs

Furnaces last 10-15 years, so knowing when to replace as opposed to repair is important. If your furnace is near or over the 15-year range, it is probably time to upgrade. By having a brand new, more energy-efficient piece of equipment, the savings on repair costs and energy bills will pay for the cost of your new Bryant furnace in no time. But if furnace repairs are all you require, A-1 Heating in St. Albert can provide everything you need to keep your heating system running safely and efficiently.

Furnace Servicing & Maintenance

Regular maintenance prevents issues like dirty flame sensors and plugged condensate traps which can affect the efficiency of your heating system and possibly become a fire hazard. Keeping your furnace regularly maintained will ensure it works properly all winter long.

Furnace Maintenance Checklist