In the interest of keeping our customers and staff safe, we have decided to close our office to public entry. You can contact us via phone, text or email to book in service calls or order filters.
NEW!! You can now book a service call online. Thank you for your patience and understanding in these trying times!

Still Open for Business

To our valued clients: In light of the recent developments we are facing, we are still providing service to our customers. We have added extra precautions, including pre-screening our staff and checking temperatures, pre-screening our customers and adding extra PPE requirements for our staff. You can expect our staff to be wearing masks and social distancing. We are open for business and are taking extra precautions to ensure everyone is comfortable and safe.

Proud to Offer Relief in These Challenging Times

This is normally a space where we have some product or industry knowledge and share with you some ideas, tips and recommendations. This will still have some of that, but it is not the focus of the article. We will have another blog in early April, but for now, I wanted to write something about the global pandemic we are facing.

Things to Look Out For to Know When Your Furnace Needs to be Repaired

It is never a good idea to put off furnace repair because you could be putting your and your family’s safety at risk. You also risk causing damage to your St. Albert home and additional damage to your HVAC system. However, there might be a time where you might not be able to avoid delaying repairs temporarily whether it is because of a budgeting or scheduling issue on your end.

Why Getting a New Central Air Conditioner Means You Should Consider a Furnace System Overhaul

Did your air conditioner limp along this past summer with one breakdown after another? Now is a good time to replace it so that you can avoid the spring rush and be ready for next summer. But here is something you should consider about having your AC replaced. When it comes to your home’s heating and cooling system, it is very unlikely that both your air conditioner and furnace will fail or need to be replaced at exactly the same time. However, upgrading your entire system will save on installation costs and can provide you with the perfect HVAC system to provide your family with greater comfort and efficiency.