Posted: 9 Dec '22

A1 Heating and Cooling: local HVAC company’s history and our start in the St. Albert community

Started in 1979, A1 Heating and Cooling has been built on customer service, consistency, and standing behind its brand. When Brad Keiser started our local HVAC company in 1979, he couldn’t have imagined where the company would be today – built simply by answering the phone, offering great customer service and being an active member of the St. Albert Community.

In 2012, Brad sold A1 Heating and Cooling to an employee with big dreams of being St. Albert’s first choice in everything: Furnaces, Air Conditioning and Service. Through mergers and acquisitions, and a brilliant partnership with One Hour Plumbing we were able to expand our service offering to our St. Albert community and grew to be the HVAC company that you love today, with services spanning the entire home.

We are proud to be St. Albert’s first choice with all Furnace, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and HVAC Service.  Using the newest and most advanced technology while providing that same care and attention to detail as we did in 1979, our technicians are the industry standard. We put the emphasis on education for both our staff and customers, to make sure that there is both understanding and trust during HVAC installations, HVAC service, and Plumbing service. 

Our Future in HVAC and the A1 Heating Difference

With diverse technical training; A1 Heating and Cooling is an industry leader and the HVAC company tradespeople want to work for. A1 Heating and Cooling provides a thriving environment of over 12 skilled apprentices and journeymen. Focusing on educating and teaching our employees about the latest and greatest technology while still keeping those same values. With our growing team and so many ticketed professionals on our side, we are very excited to bring our new customers a higher level of expertise, accountability and peace of mind. Our team consists of a Master Electrician, Class A Gas Fitter, and multiple Plumbing, Gas Fitting, & Sheet Metal Red Seal Journeypeople. We are a team full of multiple ticketed Journeypeople & Apprentices: all with the same strong commitment to quality, service and innovation. From heating and cooling to humidifying and ventilation, our full product range utilizes our unique abilities to maintain the proper balance of comfort and satisfaction all year round.

A1 Heating and Cooling; we are HVAC and Plumbing professionals thriving in a professional industry, building a better environment. Built on strong values and here for our local customers. We are at your service, St. Albert. 

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