Posted: 15 Apr '20

Daikin Air Comfort and Quality

Daikin Air Comfort and Quality

The April time was to be a fun one for product announcements for A-1 Heating. We were going to open the month with our annual appearance at the St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce Lifestyle Exposition – always the kick off to our St. Albert and Area Air Conditioning Sale. The manufacturer that we represent, Daikin, launched a couple of new products that are finally available to us and we are going to be excited to offer them.

The first is the Daikin FIT Heat Pump – extremely efficient heat pump, tested off the charts against its main competitors and able to be fitted easily with a new furnace in a retrofit application. This option added to an already robust product line that is the most efficient and versatile in the marketplace.

When the Daikin ONE thermostat was first introduced to us, we knew it was going to take a while to get all the proposed features implemented.  They were planning on phasing it through a series of downloads and uploads and when it is complete, it will do some pretty amazing things. One of the things it does right now is measures and helps control the air quality in your house. Here is a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXkVdrbmYG0

The last thing we wanted to emphasize was that we have an air conditioning solution for every application. If you have an apartment with an electrical outlet outside, we can get you air conditioning. If you have hot water heating and no ductwork, we can provide a zoned solution. Daikin has the most innovative product line in North America. Japanese design meets North American construction.

Let us know if we can help keep your air comfortable and clean!

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