Posted: 1 May '20

How to Tell If It’s Time for Air Conditioner Repairs

How to Tell If It’s Time for Air Conditioner Repairs

If you are like most people, you probably don’t give your air conditioning system much thought until it stops working. After all, if it’s blowing cold air, what could be wrong? Think of your air conditioner as if it were a car. You take your vehicle for oil changes and tune-ups to ensure that it will continue to run properly. The same is needed for your air conditioner if you want it to reliably cool your home. Contact us to learn more.

Here’s how to tell if it is time for air conditioner repairs. 

Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air 

There are several reasons why warm air might be blowing out of your air vents. This is definitely an indication that you might need an air conditioner repair. It could be as simple as your unit needs more refrigerant or perhaps there is a leak in the system. This is normally checked for in an annual tune-up. 

There is No or Limited Air Coming Out of Vents 

If you do not feel air coming out of your vents, it could be for caused by a few reasons. It could be as simple as the unit has poor airflow because its filters are clogged with dust, pet hair, or other debris and needs to be changed. But it could mean that its fan is not working, and a repair is needed. A yearly tune-up will often detect signs that a fan needs adjustment or will need replacement soon. 

Strange or Loud Noises 

Have you noticed that your air conditioner is making new noises? Strange or loud noises could be a sign that a tune-up is needed to perform such services as inspecting and lubricating moving parts. This helps reduce friction that can cause extra wear and tear on your unit. Ignoring this will likely lead to a much more expensive and complicated air conditioner repair. 

Bad Smells Coming from Vents or Unit 

Musty smells may be a sign that your unit is dirty or there is a clog in the unit’s outdoor condensate line. If you smell a smoke or a burning smell coming out of your vents or unit, you need to turn it off immediately, and call for an air conditioner repair.  It could be that a thorough cleaning is needed to remove accumulated debris, but it could also be an electrical issue. 

Electric Circuit Keeps Tripping 

A system that repeatedly trips its electric circuit could have a serious electrical issue. You should turn off the air conditioner and unplug it from your home’s circuit panel until an HVAC professional services it. 

Unit is Leaking Water 

If you see condensation or water dripping from your inside or outside components, it is time to call for an air conditioner repair. The system may have a clog in its condensate line, or you could have a refrigerant leak that is causing freezing. 

Your Electric Bill is Higher than Usual 

A higher than normal electric bill could be a sign that it is time to have your air conditioner serviced. When your system is not running as efficiently as it should be, it will use more electricity when trying to keep your home cool. Yearly tune-ups will keep your system running smoothly, which means more manageable utility bills. 

A Small Investment to Protect Your Wallet & Comfort 

The biggest clue that you might need some type of air conditioner repair is that you haven’t had your unit tuned up in over a year. It may seem to be running properly, but it is very likely it needs some cleaning, minor adjustments, or maybe minor repairs than can prevent a future breakdown that could be costly. 

Having your air conditioner tuned-up each year can help save you money on cooling costs and future air conditioner repairs. This small investment each year will help protect your system, reduce the chance that your air conditioner will breakdown, and keep your family comfortable during warmer months. Schedule a tune up online or call us today. 


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