Posted: 1 Nov '21

Reasons Why You Should Not Delay Your Furnace Replacement

Reasons Why You Should Not Delay Your Furnace Replacement

When you live in St. Albert, you know how much you and your family rely on your furnace during the winter. Even the best-maintained furnace will eventually need to be replaced when it jeopardizes your family’s comfort and safety. If your furnace struggled through last winter with one breakdown after another, it could be time to replace it right now. Here are a few reasons why you should not delay your furnace replacement any longer. Call us today to make an appointment.

Your Heating Costs Will Continue to Increase

As your furnace continues to become less efficient, the costs to run it will continue to increase. A sign that your furnace is struggling is that your energy bills will begin to spike because it will use more energy. The problem is that while using more energy, it will still struggle to heat your home. Replacing your furnace now will actually help reduce your energy bills because today’s units are much more energy-efficient than those manufactured a decade ago.

Your Furnace Will Keep Breaking Down

It is normal for a furnace to need a repair now and then. However, if you have your HVAC contractor on speed dial because your furnace is always breaking down, that’s a problem. Small repairs can add up very quickly if they keep happening one after the other. Eventually, your repairs will become more extensive and expensive. It will be more cost-effective to go ahead with a furnace replacement. The good thing about having a new furnace installed is that it is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, which typically covers most parts of your furnace.

The Money You Spend on Repairs is Better Spent on a New Furnace

It makes more fiscal sense to spend money on a furnace replacement versus spending it on repairs, especially if your unit is older and nearing its end of life. The cost to replace your furnace’s major quickly adds up. And if your furnace is out of warranty, you will be paying for the service call and any needed parts. It is better to spend the money purchasing a new furnace that you do not need to worry all the time about whether your furnace will break down this winter.

Your Furnace Can Be a Safety Hazard

A malfunctioning furnace is typically a safety hazard that puts your home and family at risk. One of the main problems is that your furnace could be leaking carbon monoxide into your home. The furnace may have electric issues, be leaking gas, or continuously circulating contaminated air throughout your home. But it is also possible to miss that your furnace has a problem, like a cracked heat exchanger or an electrical problem that increases the risk of fire or carbon monoxide exposure. A furnace replacement now will help keep your family comfortable all year round.

Trust Your Furnace Replacement to Us

Do not let another winter go by worrying if it is time for a new furnace. If you are replacing your furnace, you need an HVAC company to trust. A-1 Heating & Cooling has been trusted by St. Albert homeowners for over 40 years. Contact us for your free quote for your furnace replacement today.

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