Posted: 14 Feb '18

Something New is On the Horizon from Your St. Albert HVAC Company

To advance our goal of becoming your go-to HVAC company in St. Albert, A-1 Heating now offers Daikin products. Daikin furnaces are now part of our line of home heating systems, alongside the well-regarded Bryant brand. Like Bryant, Daikin offers outstanding quality and performance, and we will accept nothing less for our St. Albert customers. We’re happy to offer you even more high-quality heating options and chose to add Daikin products for a couple of major reasons.

Daikin is the Largest HVAC Manufacturer in the World

The large number of Daikin products already installed in the marketplace has provided ample opportunity for your St. Albert HVAC company to assess the reputation (and judge the quality) of Daikin heating equipment. It also means that parts are readily available for future needs and the company is a reliable force in the HVAC industry. In addition, large manufacturers also:

  • Provides factory training to ensure the best possible installation by our St. Albert HVAC company.
  • Follows an excellent quality control process, so you’ll never get a "lemon."
  • Offers innovative, state-of-the-art, feature-filled product design from a skilled, experienced engineering team.
  • Provides superb efficiency due to their high-level design capability.
  • Serves as an industry leader in home comfort technology. Now introducing VRV technology.

About VRV technology

This latest Daikin breakthrough uses a sophisticated compressor with Variable Refrigerant Volume, for state-of-the-art air conditioning and heating efficiency and comfort. VRV technology provides effective zoning solutions, allowing a single operating system to connect up to 9 refrigerant zones, quietly and more efficiently.

Daikin Stands Behind their Products

Daikin provides the best warranty in the business. That tells us that they take pride in their work, just like we do at A-1. Carrying a quality product line like Daikin furnaces and air conditioners will expand our ability to provide superb service as a top HVAC company in St. Albert. Daikin's comprehensive warranty provides:

  • 12-year parts warranty
  • 12-year labour warranty
  • Up to a 12-year unit replacement warranty for major component failure

Ready to Replace your Furnace?

If your St. Albert home’s heating system is nearing 15 years old, it’s not performing up to modern standards of efficiency. As your furnace ages, it may also begin requiring more (and more expensive) repairs. Perhaps worst of all, an older heating system may no longer be warming your home consistently or comfortably. When you’re considering a new furnace, A-1 is ready to help. We offer expert guidance and advice on selecting the right, top quality Daikin or Bryant furnace for your home.

Get Expert Daikin Furnace Installation: Talk to Your HVAC Company in St. Albert

At A-1 Heating, we offer only the top furnace brands. Let us help you choose your furnace replacement--and make the most of its potential with our expert installation. To learn more about our furnace products, contact A-1 Heating, the leading HVAC company in St. Albert, today.

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