Posted: 1 Apr '22

Warning Signs That You Need an Air Conditioner Repair

Warning Signs That You Need an Air Conditioner Repair

Most air conditioners do not simply break down without first giving you some kind of warning. The trick is to know what these warnings signs are! Here are some warning signs that you need an air conditioner repair at your St. Albert home. Call us to schedule an appointment.

Warning #1 – Strange Sounds Coming from Your Air Conditioner

Almost every air conditioner makes some type of sound, but it should be fairly quiet. One sound, for example, is the noise that your system’s blower fan running. However, you may need an air conditioner repair if you hear sounds like:

  • Metal-on-metal screeching, which can mean that the bearings in your air conditioner’s fan motor are worn.
  • Clanking or banging that could mean that a branch or other debris has fallen in your condenser cabinet or that a part is loose in your system.
  • Squealing is often a sign that your air conditioner’s fan belt is slipping or is worn out.
  • Screaming or hissing coming from the outdoor condenser unit can be a sign of a possibly hazardous situation due to the build-up pressure inside the compressor.

Warning #2 – Your Air Conditioner is Blowing Hot Air

If your air conditioner is blowing hot air, you likely need a repair. Your unit’s compressor may be broken, or you could have a refrigerant leak. Either problem will require a professional to repair it to get your air conditioner cooling your home again.

Warning #3 – Your Home is More Humid Than Normal

Your air conditioner is designed to not only cool the air but also to remove humidity from the air inside your home. If your home feels more humid and stickier than normal, or you see water pooling around your windows, it is a possible warning that you need an air conditioner repair.

Warning #4 – Unusual Smells in Your Home or Coming from Your AC

When your air conditioner is running as it should, there should be virtually no smells coming from it. However, if you smell a burning electrical smell, you need to stop using your system and schedule a repair before using it again. If you smell a musty smell throughout your home, mold could be growing in your system and it’s time for an air conditioner repair.

Warning #5 – Puddles Around or Leaks Coming from Your Condenser Cabinet

Puddles near your outdoor unit are a sign that you need an air conditioner repair. The drain in your condenser’s pan may be clogged with mold, algae, or other debris. It could also be possible that the pan itself is leaking because it is rusted or cracked. You should have your air conditioner repaired to prevent damage to your home’s foundation or mold from accumulating in the condenser pan.

If You See the Signs, Don’t Wait!

Once your air conditioner starts showing you signs that a repair is needed, don’t wait until it breaks down to call for service. It is best to fix your air conditioner as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your system. In the St. Albert area, contact A-1 Heating & Cooling to schedule an appointment for all your air conditioner repair, maintenance, and installation needs.

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