Posted: 17 Nov '22

Annual Maintenances: Are They Needed? 

Local heating companies will mention it all the time, you need to book an annual maintenance on your furnace. But have you ever wondered why? We at A1 Heating and Cooling believe that HVAC and Furnace Education is the greatest tool we can give to a customer. 

What Is A Furnace Maintenance?

While a furnace maintenance appointment can involve repairs, it is better to think of this furnace maintenance like a routine check-up for your furnace. During your furnace maintenance appointment, your A1 Heating technician will go through a checklist, and perform a general tune-up and cleaning on your furnace. This could include tightening any loose parts, cleaning areas where debris can build up, and examining components for wear and tear. 

What Does A Furnace Maintenance Include?

To make sure that your furnace is operating as our local customers expect, the expert HVAC technicians at A1 Heating and Cooling inspect specific safety and performance benchmarks during your annual furnace tune-up. 

Furnace safety and performance benchmarks include:

  • Carbon monoxide levels
  • Safety shut-off equipment
  • The condition of your furnace’s heat exchanger(s)
  • The condition of your system’s filter
  • The condition of your furnace’s flame sensor
  • The condition of your system’s blower motor

When our HVAC experts at A1 Heating perform a furnace inspection, these benchmarks help ensure that our customers have peace of mind that their furnace is operating safely and efficiently.

Once your A1 Heating HVAC technician confirms that your furnace is operating safely, they then clean your furnace checking the flame sensor, plenums, and furnace cabinet. This helps maintain your system’s performance and keeps the air in your home cleaner. Our experts at A1 Heating and Cooling use their HVAC knowledge and furnace education to make sure your furnace is clean and running smoothly leaving our customers with a sense of relief; especially on the cold St. Albert nights.

Why Is It Recommended To Have An Annual Maintenance Done On Your Furnace?

As a local homeowner, surviving in the winter can be a stressful time. Saving your home HVAC systems can be simple with annual preventive maintenance done by trusted companies like us at A1 Heating. Furnace maintenance can help save money by making sure your furnace keeps heating as efficiently as possible, leading to monthly savings in energy bills. Over time, this savings can cover the cost of regular furnace tune-ups.

Furnace maintenance are also preventative measures to ensure that homeowners keeping the warranty valid and ensuring coverage needed if anything does go wrong during the warranty period. Furnace maintenance can also minimize the risk of unexpected breakdowns because our A1 Heating and Cooling technicians will have more opportunity to identify minor issues early on and get ahead of them before they become bigger problems leading to no heat or furnace replacement. Alberta homeowners know there is nothing scarier than your furnace shutting down in the middle of the night during the cold winter season. Overall, our expert HVAC technicians at A1 Heating recommend that a furnace be maintained yearly to get the most out of your investment and ensure that your home is comfortable and worry free.


Giving back to our local St. Albert community is very important for us at A1 Heating and Cooling. We’ve partnered with The Stop Abuse in Families (SAiF) Society this month in hopes of working towards a society free of abuse. The SAiF mission is to promote healthy, respectful relationships through education, support, and advocacy.  

Their November campaign to Paint the Town Purple is a month-long initiative that allows local businesses to take action and help raise funds/aid counseling programs to help those impacted by family violence.

With a committed staff, we at A1 Heating and Cooling are proud to serve St. Albert through offering the best furnace & air-conditioning service, maintenance, and replacements! We are excited to announce that for every furnace maintenance booked in the month of November, we are donating to Paint the Town Purple! 

Help us be a part of the difference and make our local community SAiF, book your annual furnace maintenance today!


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