Posted: 31 Aug '17

Why Furnace & Duct Cleaning Should be on Your Radar

Furnace and Duct Cleaning

Whether we like it or not, living in the part of the world we do, we are utterly dependent on our heating systems to keep us warm and safe. Ensuring that our homes are healthy and safe to live in means that we need to spend some time and effort maintaining, cleaning and repairing our furnaces, and, those in the know suggest, furnace & duct cleaning.

Health, Safety and Savings

Here are a few good reasons to include furnace & duct cleaning on your annual furnace maintenance to do list:

  • Because they are warm, and because they can trap moisture, ducts can be a breeding area for mold. Since they also channel air into our homes, this can be a health risk if left unchecked.
  • Dust and other debris can also be forced out of the ducting system into your home, which can also be a health risk.
  • It's also not unheard of for ducts to become a haven for mice and other little critters, and of course, that brings with it the risk of disease.
  • Finally, it's been shown that without the buildup of dust, grime and dirt in furnaces, filters and ducts, heating systems are able to work more efficiently, and that can also mean cost savings over time.

The simple truth is that if you put off furnace & duct cleaning, there's a chance that there's going to be a buildup of potentially harmful substances in the system. If it's allowed to build up, you'll be paying more to heat your home too, and that means any cost saving on maintenance would probably be lost on running costs.

Do You Really Need Furnace & Duct Cleaning

Furnace & duct cleaning may not be necessary for your heating system right now, but the only way to tell for sure is to have a professional take a look. So when you book your next maintenance appointment with A1 Heating, request that we take a look. We'll be able to tell immediately if you need it cleaned or not.

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