Posted: 1 Nov '20

A Furnace Replacement Could Improve Your Health

A Furnace Replacement Could Improve Your Health

Many of us are spending a lot more time at home these days. Now, more than ever, you want to do what you can to make sure your home is a healthy environment. If your St. Albert home has an older furnace, it could have an impact on you and your family’s health and overall well-being. Consider these factors and then ask yourself, is it time to call A1 Heating for a furnace replacement? Contact us today.

Dealing with the Financial Stress 

As your furnace gets older, it will need repairs more often and it will also become less energy efficient. This means higher energy bills each month to keep your family warm throughout the winter. Most manufacturer warranties only last for about 10 years. Therefore, repair costs can become awfully expensive on an older system. An unexpected repair costing hundreds of dollars could cause a hard hit to your family’s monthly budget. The stress of dealing with the added expense caused by an old furnace can take a toll on you. Your money would be better spent on a furnace replacement that won’t stress you out. 

Increased Respiratory Problems and Illness 

An older furnace is more likely to recirculate dust and other irritants throughout your home. This could be a problem, if you or someone in your household suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems. Poor air quality can cause an increase in breathing problems. If it seems like your family is experiencing more colds or an increase in respiratory issues, your old furnace could be the problem. 

A Potential Safety Hazard 

Carbon monoxide leaks are something that homeowners with older furnaces need to be concerned about. When a furnace malfunctions or its parts begin rusting out, carbon monoxide can be released into the air in your home. This deadly gas is extremely dangerous because it is odorless, invisible, and can only be detected by a carbon monoxide detector. Exposure to this gas can cause serious illness or even death. 

Increased Fire Risk 

An old furnace is much more likely to start a fire in your home than a new furnace. If you do have an older furnace, it is important that you have it inspected and serviced each year to make sure it is working properly. An essential part of this service is checking the furnace’s burner for cracks and wiring and connections for looseness, fraying, and scorching. If you smell fuel, smoke, or a burning odor, you should call for service because your furnace might be at an increased risk for fire. 

Is It Time to Consider a Furnace Replacement? 

If your older furnace is becoming more expensive to maintain each year, stressing you out, making you sick, and putting your family at risk, it is time to replace it. The good news is that the cost of ownership of a new furnace is much less because you will need fewer repairs and it will be much more energy efficient. You can rest easy knowing that a furnace replacement will help protect your family’s comfort, health, and safety this winter and for years to come. In the St. Albert area, contact us for a free estimate for your new furnace. 


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