Posted: 1 Aug '22

Is it Too Early to Book Your Furnace Repair?

Is it Too Early to Book Your Furnace Repair?

It seems like the summer months go by so quickly. But soon fall will be here and it will be time to start using your furnace again. The question is, will it be ready to keep you and your family warm when the time comes? It is not too early to schedule an appointment for furnace repairs and here are several reasons why! Call us today for consultation.

Greater Chance of Getting an Appointment

Often, homeowners wait until fall to schedule maintenance or furnace repairs. This is typically a busy time for most HVAC companies because everyone is then in a rush to get their furnaces ready for winter. It is better to be ahead of the game and schedule your service during what is usually a slower time of year for furnace repairs.

Get Furnace Repairs Out of the Way

Where you told that your furnace would need a repair soon last season? Or maybe you have concerns about your unit because your furnace was making a strange noise or struggling to heat your home? Schedule your repairs now will help you plan ahead and avoid emergency and more costly repairs in the future.

Ensure Your Family’s Comfort

Choosing to do your furnace repair during the summer months is a good idea if your furnace requires a major repair that could take a full day or more to complete. For example, if your furnace needs to be replaced, scheduling your installation before winter means that you do not have to go without heat if it breaks down before the installation or during the installation either.

Be Ready for Winter

Have you ever turned on your heat only to find out that it would not come on? Having your furnace repaired now will reduce the likelihood of this happening. You can rest assured that your furnace will be ready when you need it.

Keep Your Family Safe

Your furnace needs regular maintenance. This means having a yearly maintenance service before you turn it on for the season. While this service helps identify any needed furnace repairs, it also includes safety inspections to make sure your furnace is safe to operate and not leaking dangerous carbon monoxide fumes that could be deadly.

Prevents Future Breakdowns

Making recommended repairs and adjustments now helps you save money in the future on your heating system. Putting off service on your furnace increases the risk that it will require more expensive repairs in the future. In fact, you may need to replace your furnace sooner than later if you do not make repairs as needed.

Don’t Put Off Your Furnace Repairs

It is not too early to schedule your next furnace repair even though it is still summer. Before you know it, winter will be here, and you will need to depend on your furnace. In St. Albert, the HVAC company to call is A-1 Heating & Cooling for all your furnace repairs, maintenance, and installation. Our technicians are either journeymen or are registered apprentices and are experts in what they do. We have been serving this area since 1979 and are committed to providing a high standard of quality in everything we do.

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