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Posted: 30 Mar '20

Proud to Offer Relief in These Challenging Times

This is normally a space where we have some product or industry knowledge and share with you some ideas, tips and recommendations. This will still have some of that, but it is not the focus of the article. We will have another blog in early April, but for now, I wanted to write something about the global pandemic we are facing. We are all experiencing a time like no other we have ever seen. There have been times like this in world history, but none in the digital age. We consume information at a different pace than we ever have and everyone has a voice.

This onslaught of information can be tough to wade through. It can be overwhelming. Just know that the majority of us are all in the same boat. We all under pressures that we have never known before. We will get through this. How the other side of this looks we will not know until we get there, but we will get through it. Humans are resilient and innovative. China built a hospital in 6 days in response to this pandemic.

It keeps taking me back to one thought – how can we help as a business? How can we provide information to people about high-demand items like UV germicidal lights (tested against other strains of coronavirus, but not COVID-19) and provide creative financing options, without feeling like we are profiteering. We still need to offer our customers the options they deserve to know about.

We have arranged a 9 month deferral program with FinanceIt and are able to defer payments until 2021. I learned a lot about the program because I was concerned about what happened after the 9 months was up and the payment was not made – it simply turns into one of their standard loans and does not start accruing interest until after the 9 months – and it is at their standard rates. I wondered if someone could pay it down earlier, either in full or in part. And again, it was good news.

We are proud to serve St. Albert and area and we are proud to be able to help with this initiative.

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